Evergreen Venue


The Evergreen Venue, located in the countryside, nearby Alcaire. Home to Formal Events in the Main House, Fully Stocked bar and small events in the Barn. Attached to its own Winery and Small Orchard Tree’s for harvest. Most importantly, a Wedding Venue, best done during the evening hours.

Basic Details

Server: PC-NA

Owner: @RaptorRisen

Homestead: Linchal Grand Manor

Population Limit: 24

Roleplay Details

Faction: Daggerfall Covenant

Location: High Rock, Stormhaven

Monster Policy: Hidden Monsters Allowed

Additional Details

This is not a primary residence. But if I am to use it in the future, I will ask promptly for anyone to leave if they are in usage of it or reschedule said event.


All Images: https://imgur.com/a/CR5IP14


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