The Drunken Boar Meadery


Located near Solitude’s market square, the owners Chrisgar Alinsson and Sarthis Silryn are happy to announce that The Drunken Boar’s main floor and basement are open to the public (ALWAYS IC) for the travelers and adventurers who seek to wind down, eat a good meal and drink or seek a bed for the night.

1st floor and basement – OPEN
2nd floor – CLOSED TO PUBLIC (Private quarters and office of the owner)

Basic Details

Server: PC-NA

Owner: @Pacha51

Homestead: Proudspire Manor

Population Limit: 12

Roleplay Details

Faction: Neutral

Location: Skyrim, Near Solitude’s market square in Hjaalmarch

Monster Policy: Hidden Monsters Allowed

Additional Details

If you’d like to come with a group bigger than 4 players, please send an in-game mail to @Pacha51 to make a reservation :)! Thank you!


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