Abandoned Dwelling

This is a house the land is taking back. The walled yard is full of overgrown tree and mushrooms, the walkway littered with leaves and branches. Inside, vines and ferns worm their way through the cracks between the boards and fungus and lichen invade the flagstones. Decaying furniture, the last remnants of a life hurriedly left behind, are scattered and overturned… but there is wood in the fireplace, and the bedrolls laid out are dry and free of mold. Who is squatting here… and when will they be returning? This is what the description says: a spooky abandoned house. Need a place for smugglers to meet? A flophouse for your addicts on their way to/from Morrowind? A sketchy place for an IC vampire/werewolf encounter? A meeting place for secret lovers or an out of the way spot to extract information from a captive? I got yer ambiance right here.

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