Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the directory, exactly?
A: The Homestead Directory is an online resource created by roleplayers, for roleplayers. Its purpose is twofold: to centralize and advertise player homesteads to a greater audience, and to facilitate more roleplay within player homesteads. Players can submit their homestead information through a Google Form, and their listing will be added to the website complete with pictures and information. They can then share that link to others and advertise their homestead!

Q: Who runs the directory?
A: Our directory is run by a group of ESO Housing enthusiasts with their spare time! We are not affiliated with Zenimax Online Studios. Our current team consists of:

  • TheWyrdNerd
  • AdriRaven
  • smokezero
  • Thediousa

Q: Are there any rules I should be aware of?
A: Yes! Whenever you visit another player’s homestead, please keep the following in mind.

1. Be respectful.

  • You are a guest and it is a privilege to roleplay in a homestead that someone worked hard to create. Any additional rules the owner has for their homestead should be followed.
  • Have common courtesy; do not turn off interactable objects or move furniture without resetting them to their original positions.
  • Do not engage in erotic roleplay in other player’s homesteads without getting permission from the owner. Furthermore, make sure to keep any erotic roleplay in private chat.

2. Adhere to roleplay etiquette.

  • Basic roleplay etiquette is encouraged when visiting homesteads. No godmodding, powerplaying, metagaming, player killing, or IC/OOC bleeding is allowed. Some adherence to lore is preferable.
  • Always ask for consent before inflicting any major change on another player’s character.
  • Always respect other player’s boundaries when it comes to sensitive subjects in roleplay.

3. Keep your listing up to date.

  • Please notify a website editor if anything about your listing needs to be changed, updated, or deleted. Occasional sweeps through the directory will be made to ensure that homestead listings are still accurate to what is seen in game. If the listing doesn’t live up to what it advertises or is not visitable, the listing may be deleted.

Q: How do I visit homesteads listed in the directory?
A: The best way to do so currently is to install the Port to Friends House addon. You can simply input the owner’s @name, choose the correct homestead, and port right over. If you encounter a homestead that is not visitable, please let a web editor know. If you’re not familiar with addons and want to make things easier, you can use Minion to manage your addons, or ask in the Discord for help!

Q: Are there any other addons I should have?
A: For all decorators and housing enthusiasts, I’d highly recommend at least Essential Housing Tools and Magic Carpet.

Q: Is this a guild?
A: Nope! The Homestead Directory is a community tool for sharing and discovering player homesteads. The associated Discord server is mostly used as a gathering place for people who share an interest in housing and roleplay, but is not required to use the directory itself. Use it to make connections, advertise roleplay in your homestead, or ask for help with housing. Furthermore, the Homestead Directory does not have any in game guild presence.

Q: Help! I messed up and need to change, update, or remove my listing!
A: Have no fear, the website editors are here! Simply Contact one of us, and we’ll get to it as soon as we can.

Q: Why hasn’t my listing been added yet?!
A: All listings are added manually when they come through the form. That said, the web editors do have real lives and can’t be monitoring it 24/7. If a week has passed and you still don’t see your listing, message one of the editors and we’ll get on it as soon as possible. Otherwise, I promise we’ll get to it when we can.

Q: How do I add a new listing?
A: Easy! Simply enter your homestead information into the Google Form on the Submit page. Your form will be reviewed by the web editors and then added to the directory as its own listing. Make sure your homestead’s permissions are set to Visitor or Limited Visitor to allow people to stop by!

Q: Do I need to add images?
A: Technically, no, but it is strongly encouraged. Your listing will get a lot more attention if you have images! You can host images for free on external sites such as Imgur or Dropbox.

Q: Something isn’t working. Why can’t I submit my form?
A: Odds are, you forgot to fill in a required question. If you are still struggling after checking for errors, let a staff member know and we’ll try to figure out the problem.

Q: How many listings can I have?
A: As many as you want! But, please submit each one as a separate form.

Q: Can I link to my listing from other places?
A: Sure! Feel free to link to it from wherever you’d like!

Q: So can I advertise my roleplay events in the Discord?
A: Absolutely! However, only events taking place in player homesteads should be advertised. Please keep roleplay advertisements in the proper channels, and bonus points if you link your directory listing as well!