Phynaster’s Phial Salon

An academic’s salon, nestled in the serene lowlands just outside Lillandril, the Phynaster’s Phial has long played host to gatherings of Summerset’s greatest academic minds. Now under the more progressive ownership of Aerya Nayrenn, the salon has broadened its clientele. So long as you come with peaceful intent and an open mind, a small taste of Summerset’s wealth and tranquil grounds fit for contemplation are yours to use as you see fit. Includes a lounge, spa, gallery, and a hair salon.

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The Gilded Petal

The Gilded Petal serves as a wine house/tavern for those that dock in the port of Camanelyen. There is ample seating near the hearth downstairs for those that seek a warm meal and a comfortable place to relax downstairs, while upstairs patrons can enjoy themselves with a game of dice, or find a place to sleep for a small fee.

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