The Wishing Walls


Locked deep within the crag of a forgotten pocket realm of Oblivion lies dormant an ancient eldritch mass, and deeper still, the throne of an entity which claims to be its thrall. Few discover this place, and those who do are weak-willed enough to be lured by false thoughts at this imprisoned serpent’s wishes. It calls itself the Grumlen — a “broker of souls”. It seeks those chasing the darkest dreams, and promises a path. But it always comes at the price of a life, and the weight of its worth.

Basic Details

Server: PC-NA

Owner: @Grumlen

Homestead: Coldharbour Surreal Estate

Population Limit: 24

Roleplay Details

Faction: Neutral

Location: Oblivion, Floating on a hulking mass of daedric rock within an otherwise desolate plane of Oblivion

Monster Policy: Open Monsters Allowed

Additional Details

Plot is open but ever-changing as the story’s lore is being developed. Feel free RP within the realm as you see fit, and if you choose, take up the role of the “Grumlen” if I’m not around. Just be aware this thing is not meant to be some all-powerful princely entity but instead a weak yet manipulative little daedra. Can always reach me by IG mail if there are any questions!


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